Call for Ironworkers / Rebar Apprentices - STEP

Call for Rebar Placers and Ironworkers, both entry-level and experienced, for jobs around the Lower Mainland. 

For anyone who is interested in getting into the trades but lacks previous training or experience, this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out, all while getting paid! 

Reinforcing Ironworkers & Apprentices

Job duties / requirements:

- carry and position rebar (which is heavy) on job sites while working outside, under direction of a supervisor

- use a cut-off saw, hickey bar, hand tools like pliers

- work at heights on vertical elements with fall restraint / arrest systems

- lift reasonable amounts of steel and carry it on the shoulder

- follow direction and understand safety instructions 

There are lots of projects along the public transit routes so a vehicle is not necessary, however being reliable and getting to work on time is a must. 

Starting wage is $12 - $14/hr but good workers can expect to make $18.00/hr within 6 months and $25.0/hr within a year. 

No previous experience is necessary, but the ability to understand and follow instructions is extremely important, as initial training will take place on the job. 

STEP can provide eligible candidates with any tools and safety / rain gear they will require. 

Employer will offer apprenticeship registration to workers who show initiative, reliability, and a good work ethic.

Click here for contact information: /sites/default/files/STEP%20Apprentice%20Recruitment%20Posters%20-%20AA%20-%20Rebar%20Ironwork%20Vancouver%20-%202013-12.pdf