Success Stories

Thanks again for meeting with me and helping me navigate through some of this unknown waters between jobs. As discussed (and thank you very much for the discussions), I seem to have found myself in a position where I was looking for work with little practical knowledge of the process and what a good Resume/Cover Letter/Interview looked like. Also as discussed, I have always found myself falling into new opportunities with a little bit of working/searching and as such have not acquired the necessary skills for the transitions. 

Last we met, I was letting you know that I have found new opportunity as an Engineer working out of my home on Civil, Geotechnical, and Wastewater projects. I have been able to make several good contacts (thanks for reminding me the importance of networking), and have secured some projects and more seem to be heading my way. As a consultant, I am subject to the market so to speak, but it appears that as of the beginning of September I have found projects where I am billing out at rates between $65 and $95 per hour (paying myself through my company at $40 per hour based on a 30 hour per week schedule - just need to have a living wage - any remainder should there be from the projects will be within the company for leaner times and administration/business development times). My company name is officially 0772308 BC Ltd (unofficially Out of the Box Engineering). 

I am still in process of writing a cover letter and resume targeting City of Chilliwack and or District of Kent for their Engineering Depts should the consulting continue to not be as much fun as I am currently having. It is all about quality of life, and fun is important.... Thanks for offering to review the documents for me - that is very much appreciated. I will also drop in now and then to say HI - as someone told me recently it is good to stay in touch and network - oh, that's right - you said that!!!


Collin Johnson. P.Eng., PE




November 2012 - Free Rein Associates received ASPECT's Leadership Award in recognition for its facilitation of various community-based employment/employability programs.


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